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dal.labs CSA (College Student Ambassador) Recruitment for 2021

Administrative procedure:

  • Submit an online application form
  • Have an in-person or online interview after initial review
  • Final selection will be made by mid-March
  • There will be a total of 4-9 ambassadors.  They will be divided into 2-3 groups to co-work 

All applicants who have been offered an interview will receive:

  • A $20 value dal.labs gift card upon completion of the interview
  • A welcome gift (preselected dal.labs product to choose from) 


What CSA program does: 

  • Project 1: each ambassador will create relevant contents contributing to one of the four categories - interviewing, modeling, product review, and content production
    • Interviewing: conduct video/photo interviews with celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs and executives
    • Modeling: do modeling for dal.labs brand
    • Product Review: record video reviews of dal.labs products (sample products for reviewers will be provided)
    • Content Production: visual storytelling series featuring dal.labs products
  • Project 2: each group will select two clients per month to conduct a give-away event asking clients to share their photo stories/tips/recommendations (story topics can be categorized into three sections shown below) via Instagram
    • Beauty (skin, nail, hair, etc.) and nutrition
    • Sleep and stress
    • Fitness training and lifestyle
  • Created contents to be featured via various channels including dal.lab's website and Instagram accounts of all participants


CSA program will provide:

  • A monthly stipend of upto $500 will be assigned to each group
  • Each group will need to have a meeting session (online or offline) proposing their project budget for approval


Duties/Deliverables by Ambassadors:

  • 2-3 weekly postings on Instagram by each group members
  • Participating in one weekly (online/offline) meeting with a dal.labs staff

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