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dal.labs Collagen Peptides

dal.labs Collagen Peptides

Collagen makes up over 70% of the protein in our skin. Loss of collagen can start as early as the 20s depending on lifestyle & external exposure factors. Men & women are affected the same depending on lifestyle factors. The specific researched bioactive collagen peptides we use have been optimized to increase collagen production in the dermis the deep second layer of skin. Increase both collagen & fibroblasts which help improve skin quality from within. Most creams & serum will work on the top layer of skin, the epidermis. These Bioactive collagen peptides we use work "from inside" by repairing the deeper dermis level.

Reduced wrinkle depth

Increased skin hydration

Increased skin elasticity


What type of collagen should I take?

This is collagen formula was built around 4 proven principles to be combined with proper nutrition. When Accompanied by appropriate resistance training will lead to optimal results. Reseaech has shown these specific bioactive peptides used in this formula to increase muscle strength in conjunction with resistance training.
Increase lean mass
Decrease waist circumference
Decrease body fat

1 scoop per day is all you need, containing 17.5g of protein via collagen peptides. In addition we added a proprietary gut nutraceutical composed of highly purified and fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus produced by a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and processing technology. Which increases the absorption of collagen peptides!


Our multi blend collagen formula contains InnoSlim® which is a stimulant-free, 100% plant-based ingredient to support healthy weight and glucose metabolism. In one scoop you will get the researched amount dosage that has shown to
Increase fat burning
Decreased glucose absorption

Improve metabolic wellness

When blood glucose is managed well, the human body thrives - more energy, healthy cellular functions, and better quality of life. Due primarily to increasing glut 4. The associated effects reduce circulating blood glucose and fat build-up in your body, which means a generally healthier state of being.
Sugar can wreck havoc on skin quality by binding to collagen & breaking down its structure. A study from CDC in 2017 showed that in the US alone that 54% of US adults had either diabetes or were pre diabetic. A condition where blood sugar management is key. Sugars acts as a kind of signal scrambler, they can interfere with the production of the amino acids that build up your collagen and elastin. Innoslim has been shown to decrease glucose absorption by up to 46%. .
Meaning less disruption & glycation of your bodies proteins & amino acids from sugars binding to them. Leading to greater effect of the collagen peptides!

This ingredient has been shown to be so effective that just recently the Mexican government has started a project with pre-diabetic population of youth & adults to improve their metabolic wellness!



How to mix your collagen shake!? We focused on having a unflavored collagen peptide formula. This allows many options for use! Youll only need one serving a day, & one container provides a full 30 day supply! ▫️Some mix it in before exercise
▫️after workout for recovery
▫️it can be mixed in your favorite smoothie
▫️many enjoy it with coffee

One shake per day will increase collagen availability in your body. Give your skin improved elasticity. Improve blood sugar management, & help increase fat burning via AMPK!



All about Skin!
Our multi blend peptide formula features trademarked & researched bioactive collagen peptides. Manufactured by one of the largest collagen producers in the world based out of Germany 🇩🇪 Gelita Ag. The specific bioactive peptides we use have been shown through multiple Research studies to directly target & improve skin from "within". Experience improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, & increased skin hydration!




Our collagen peptides feature researched amounts of InnoSlim® which is a non-stimulant weight management ingredient that works with the body's natural pathways to turn fat into energy! Learn more about through the link in our bio




What is your favorite collagen shake!?

One of our favorites is mixing the dallabs unflavored collagen peptides with organic greens! This is a great option if you are on the go & need a nutrient packed shake to hold you over!




Did you know our collagen contains Body balance, which is a blend of highly specialized collagen peptides have been shown to decrease fat mass, increase lean body mass and to provide more muscle strength in combination with resistance training.
• Due to its specific amino acid composition and its excellent bioavailability dallabs collagen stimulates fat and muscle metabolisms, leading to an improved body composition. Several randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind studies have demonstrated the efficiency and potential of the daily intake of the dosages in our collagen in combination with resistance training.





Our collagen peptides feature InnoSlim® which goes to work for you inside the body to nourish the cells with abundant nutrients to foster a healthy metabolic environment - and most of all to rid of that unwanted fat!





Maximize your training results!

There has not been a tremendous amount of research done specifically with collagen protein with women. A 2019 research study conducted in Germany 🇩🇪 aim was to investigate the effects of resistance exercise combined with supplementation of specific collagen peptides (SCP) on body composition and muscle strength in premenopausal women ages18-50 years.

90 women between ages 18-50 were randomly assigned to study groups. Both groups underwent 12 weeks of resistance training (3 days/ week) and ingested 15g of specific collagen peptides
(the bodybalance our product contains)!

At the end of the study there was a significant difference between groups. The study showed resistance training in combination with supplementation of Specific collagen peptides induced a significantly higher increase in fat-free mass, & strength than resistance training and placebo supplementation! In addition, there was a significantly higher loss in fat mass and a more pronounced increase in leg strength.

Amplify & maximize the work you are already doing!

Decreased bodyfat
Increased strength
Decreased waist circumference

(Collagen Peptides in Combination with Resistance Training Improve Body Composition and Regional Muscle Strength in Premenopausal Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients. 2019; 11(4):892.)




There is a old saying,
" you are what you eat".

The truth is you are what you digest & absorb!

You can eat a clean diet, take the right supplements & still not see improvement due to the inability to digest & absorb all the vitamins, amino acids, & minerals you are consuming.

We live in a society now where we incur daily exposure to toxins, pollutants, food sensitivities, Lack of sleep, & high stress. All this weighs & takes a toll on the body’s ability to digest & absorb nutrients.

It all starts in the gut, irritation causes permeability allowing toxins, antigens, & bacteria to enter the bloodstream. In addition to poor nutrient absorption. This can cause system wide inflammation & the body to "react" to these triggers.

So How do you know you are getting the most out of what you are consuming?

This is why we added the researched amount of Astrigin to our product to make sure our customers got the maximum absorption of the collagen peptides! AstraGin is a proprietary plant-derived nutraceutical ingredient developed by NuLiv Science.

Asteigen helps improve  Gut Barrier Integrity Promoting healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal wall by up to 73%! In addition Astrigen allows you to absorb the collagen peptides up to 50% more!

* increases the absorption and bioavailability of amino acids and peptides in the bloodstream

* promotes glucose metabolism and mitochondrial functions

*  helps regulates appetite

* promotes gut health, immune function

Multiple studies demonstrate when AstraGin® is added to protein, it increases the amount of protein in its digested forms of amino acids and peptides in the bloodstream that are transported to all cells in the body!

1 serving per day will give you all you need!

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